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Home Filters for Vacuum Cleaners and Accessories Vacuum cleaner synthetic bags (SMS)

Vacuum cleaner synthetic bags (SMS)

Vacuum cleaner bags are made of a special synthetic fabric Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond (SMS).

They have very good filtration and are exceptionally strong.

The SMS bag clogs much harder and thus achieves up to 50% longer "life time" comparing to paper bag.

The fine pores of the SMS materials retains the smallest particles (pollen, allergens etc.) but at the same time ensure high air flow and maximum suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

The SMS bag adapts itself in the vacuum cleaner thus allowing optimal use of the volume.

To find the right bag for your vacuum cleaner, use the search box above.

Enter the brand and the model of the vacuum cleaner, separated by a space.


For example: If you are looking for a bag for vacuum cleaner PHILIPS model HR8753, just write in the search box, "PHILIPS" and the model "8753" or only "PHILIPS".

Because of the specificity and diversity of bag models, it is difficult to explicitly display each model.

Sometimes the models in the catalogs are indicated with a range, such as "HR 8700 .. 8999."

Therefore, we recommend you to try with a partial search.
In this case, you can search for word "PHILIPS" and "8750" or "8700" or "87" or even "8".

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