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1. My vacuum cleaner is losing power. What to do ?

Most often your vacuum cleaner loses power because of excessively full bag or obstructed hose /or tube/. The air filter can be also filled with dust and blocked. Check that none of the problems above are causing the power loss in your case. Remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner and check the suction power. If you have already changed the bag, checked the hose, tube and air filter, and the vacuum cleaner still does not have power - consult a service specialist.
2. Can I use any bag made of paper /or textile/ ?
No, do not use anything other than the right bag for your vacuum cleaner that should fit your model. Our bags are made of a special filter material that stops the dust and rubbish, while allowing air flow to pass through the pores of the bag.
3. When should the vacuum cleaner bag be replaced ?
Some vacuum cleaners have a "full bag" indicator, but we recommend that you periodically check the bag to make sure it is not too full. Change the bag regularly to prolong life and ensure optimal operation of the vacuum cleaner.
4. When should the vacuum filter be replaced ?
All vacuum cleaners are different, as well as instructions that manufacturers give to replace the filter. If the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter, we recommend you to change it in interval from 6 to 12 months. The other air filters (microfilter or motor-filter) can be changed at every one to three bag replacements. Periodically check if the air filters are clean. If the filter is dirty, the air coming out will not be clean and the vacuum cleaner will reduce its power.
5. How to find a suitable bag for my vacuum cleaner ?
Start your search by brand and model of vacuum cleaner. If you can not find the right bags, you can contact us at 02 - 4450450 or write to , leaving information about the brand and model of your vacuum cleaner?
6. I don't know what kind of bag or vacuum cleaner I have.
Usually on the bottom side of the vacuum cleaner (or sometimes next to the motor part) there will be a sticker with the brand and the model of the appliance. With this information you could find a suitable bag in our search field.
7. I can't find my type of vacuum cleaner in the online store.
Usually, on the upper side of the vacuum cleaner are written the brand (model) or power, for example "Philips 3000W". The exact model of the vacuum cleaner you can find on the sticker at the bottom part of the appliance. It is also possible that your model is unknown or is not in our database. However, this does not mean that there is no suitable bag for your vacuum cleaner. Please, call 02 - 4450450 or write to, we will try to help you.
8. What should I do, if I bought the wrong bag ?
Don't worry, we will help you. We will find a bag suitable for your vacuum cleaner and we could change the items, in case you did not use them. We will refund the price difference.
9. Isn't the bag too big ?
Usually the textile bags look bigger because they are not folded as the paper bags are. Be careful if the bag looks too small - if it does not reach the bottom or walls of the vacuum cleaner, it has too little volume and can break when filled up.
10. How long does the delivery take ?
We process all orders subsequently upon receipt. In the best case, the shipment takes place on the same day, if the order is placed by 15.00 h. All orders received after this time will be send on the next working day. Usually you can expect delivery within the next 1-2 working days. In rare and exceptional cases, delivery may be delayed for several days due to holidays or technical problems with the couriers.
11. How can I change the order or address after I have sent the order ?
Your order is automatically transferred to our system, prepared and delivered to a courier by the next business day. Subsequent changes in the order or in the address are not possible. If you still want to change something, please contact us immediately at 02 - 4450450.
12. Can I order by phone ?
You can order all products by phone. You can contact us from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 18:00 h. at phone 02 - 4450450.
13. How can I pay in the online store ?
You can pay by credit card (Visa, Master), ePay, bank transfer and "cash on delivery". When choosing a "cash on delivery", the cash receipt is issued by the courier company upon reception (it is necessary to attach it to the invoice, if any).
14. Are the online payments in secure ?
We pay great importance to security standards. Because we receive your payment through a payment service provider (BORICA), we only receive your data in encrypted form. Your payment details are not passed on to third parties.