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Silicone multi mould SMALL DAHLIA 6 pcs, code S49

Silicone multi mould SMALL DAHLIA 6 pcs, code S49

Price:12.96 BGN
Weight: 0.200 Kgs
Code: С49

Silicone multi mould SMALL DAHLIA 6 pcs. serie FANCY & FUNCTION

All products from serie Fancy & Function will ispire your party with its colours and floral patterns and will give you style and imagination. Due to the variety of silicone moulds, serie Fancy & Function is suitable for all celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries and all others.


- dahlia  D=78 mm, H=40 mm, volume 115 ml.

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Silicone moulds Silikomart are designed to make cooking easier and funny. Silicone moulds do not take much space in the kitchen, they can be kept folded or even rolled up. This does not affect their shape, they take its original form without any deformation.

Before first use, wash the form with hot water and detergent (do not use abrasives), then rinse and dry. All silicone moulds Silikomart are dishwashing safe.

With silicone moulds Silikomart your diet is healthy, because you do not use grease. Just once, before the first use, grease inside with margarine or butter. At the next use is not necessary to put grease. This is one of its main advantages.

All moulds Silikomart are made by a special technology "platinum liquid silicone", which gives them higher thermal stability, durability and safety.

Silicone moulds Silikomart can be used at temperatures from -60 to +230 °C. You can use them everywhere, in the refrigerator, oven or in microwave. You can bake, freeze, then warm up again in the same mould.

The removal of the finished product (cake, muffin, etc.) from the silicone moulds Silikomart is as easy as child's play. Just have to wait to cool, then turn the mould. Never use sharp objects when removing the product from the mould. Cutting must always be done outside of the mould.

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