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Replacement cartridge Hardness , code V52

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Hardness  (BARRIER®-6)

Reduces higher concentrations of water hardness, reducing calcium and magnesium deposits, plus the basic filtration and WQA certification of the BARRIER®-4 filter.

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Replacement cartridge Hardness , code V52
Replacement cartridge Hardness , code V52Replacement cartridge Hardness , code V52


  • Threaded filter design prevents untreated water from flowing into the pitcher by creating a water-tight seal and filter from sliding out of place
  • Made of high-quality plastic for drinking water

Filter Cartridge Components:

  • Coconut-activated charcoal
  • Unique Silver Impregnated Carbon Technology (USICT) reduces the possibility of bacterial growth within the filter cartridge
  • Ion exchange resin effectively reduces ions of toxic metals in the water

Additional specific media to reduce heavier concentrations of magnesium and calcium (hardness) in the water supply


  • Cartridge capacity - up to 350 L
  • Filtration speed: 0.066-0.079 gal/min (250-300 mL/min)
  • Recommended filter replacement: every 1-3 months, depending on source water quality and number of users
  • Suitable for water treatment is up to 104°F (40°C)